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A broken arm. A sore back. A sick child at 3 a.m. Health issues can hit any of us when we least expect it. Fortunately, Rivian’s medical plans have you and your family covered.

All U.S. employees can choose from options through Blue Shield of California. If you live in California, you can elect a Blue Shield plan or a Kaiser Permanente HMO option. There’s even a medical plan just for interns.

Comprehensive coverage—just what you need for your busy life.

Which plan is right for you?

With all the Rivian medical plans, preventive care is covered 100%, and prescription drug coverage is included.

The plans generally cover the same types of health care services and supplies, but differ in how they pay for expenses, including the amount of copays, coinsurance, and your deductible. There’s also a difference in how much you pay for coverage through deductions from each paycheck.

A regular PPO or HMO may be right for you if you:

  • Are a frequent user of medical care
  • Want to pay less when you receive care, even if it means you pay more each pay period

An HSA may be a better fit if you:

  • Want a low deduction each pay period, even if it means you have to pay more for care before you meet your deductible
  • Want to take advantage of the tax benefits and Rivian’s contributions to a Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Don’t need to see a doctor often—an annual checkup and one or two other visits are usually it for the year
  • Expect to hit the annual out-of-pocket maximum, after which the plan pays 100% of your expenses for the rest of the year

Other factors to consider

  • Could you come up with the money to cover your deductible for an unexpected expense? Remember to count the money you and Rivian contribute to your HSA if you choose an HSA-eligible plan.
  • If you’re in California, do you want the flexibility of a large network of doctors (Blue Shield), or do you like the idea of having all your care under one roof (Kaiser)?
  • Does your spouse or domestic partner have coverage through an employer that better aligns with your health care needs?

To determine which plan best meets your and your family’s needs, think about which features are important to you and your family, review the amount you’ll pay at the time of service, and know how much your contributions each pay period will be.

If you’re not sure what all the insurance terms mean, start with medical plan basics.

Get the details

Learn how the different plans work.

Opt out of medical coverage

If you have coverage outside of Rivian, you can opt out of enrolling in a Rivian medical plan. You can still enroll in dental, vision and other benefits if you opt out of Rivian medical coverage.

If you don’t enroll or opt out

New employees: Action is required. If you don’t enroll in a medical plan or elect the opt-out credit within 14 days of your hire date, you will be enrolled automatically in the PPO HSA 3500 medical plan for employee-only coverage and will receive the Rivian contribution to your HSA. You will not be enrolled in a dental or vision plan.

Your new-hire benefits remain in effect for the rest of the current calendar year. You’ll only be able to change your elections during the annual Open Enrollment period each fall (with an effective date of the next January 1), unless you have a qualifying life event

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