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Rivian offers two vision plans for you to choose from: one from EyeMed and one from VSP.

You can choose any provider you like, but you’ll save money when you go to an in-network provider.

There’s no annual deductible, and you can claim these benefits every 12 months.

In-network plan highlights

ServiceEyeMed planVSP plan
Exam copayYou pay $0You pay $0
Lenses (single, bifocal, trifocal)You pay $0You pay $0
Frames$200 allowance; 20% off balance over $200$150 allowance or $250 with EasyOptions; $200 allowance for featured frame brands or $300 with EasyOptions; 20% off balance over your allowance
Contact lenses$200 allowance; 15% off balance over $200 for conventional contacts$150 allowance or $200 with Easy Options
Medically necessary contactsYou pay $0You pay $0

See your costs

The per-pay-period contributions for the vision plans are shown on the Your Costs page.

For more details, refer to the vision plan documents.