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Rivian supports the needs of you and your spouse, partner and children. We offer comprehensive benefits that celebrate belonging and every facet of life.

The care you need

Coverage for your whole family

Rivian medicaldental and vision plans allow you to cover your domestic partner and your domestic partner’s children. Our domestic partner affidavit follows ACLU guidelines for what qualifies as a domestic partnership. Each plan provides free preventive care, including regular checkups and screenings, so the whole family can stay well.

Need help?

Collective Health member advocate can answer questions about how Rivian dental, vision and Blue Shield medical plans work, and they can help you find a provider, explain claims and billing, and more.

Gender-affirmation benefits

When you’re enrolled in a Blue Shield or Kaiser medical plan, you and your covered dependents have access to a team of health advocates who can connect you to medical specialists with expertise in gender dysphoria and gender-affirming care, including hormone therapy, gender-affirming surgery, mental health services, and care management. They’ll offer you support before, during and after surgery.

Get started

Reach out to Collective Health (Blue Shield members) or your Kaiser care team. Experienced health advocates can help you understand your medical plan benefits and navigate insurance claims and billing issues. All completely confidential and at no cost to you.

Read the BSC gender-affirmation surgery policy for details.

Mental and emotional well-being

Our well-being resources are available for you and your dependents to help you meet life’s challenges, build resilience and make positive changes.

Medical travel reimbursement

If you or an eligible family member have medical needs that require you to travel more than 100 miles or out of state for a medical procedure or treatment that is not available in your area, Rivian will reimburse you up to $5,000 for travel costs.

Call a Collective Health member advocate at 844-803-0210. They will be your confidential guide to help you find a provider and review eligible expenses for reimbursement. They’ll also tell you about any requirements or limits.

Grow your family your way

There are many different family-building journeys, and Rivian supports yours no matter which path you take.

Fertility benefits

Kindbody provides family-planning services and coordinates the full spectrum of benefits, including up to two full KindCycles, for you and your covered family members—whether you’re trying to start your family today or preserve your options for the future.

Adoption assistance

Adoption assistance reimburses you for eligible adoption, donor or surrogacy expenses up to $10,000.

Parental leave

New parents can take up to 12 weeks of job-protected, paid leave at 100% of your regular pay after the birth of a child or if you’ve become the primary caretaker of a child under 17 via adoption, surrogacy, fostering or guardianship.

Support for parents

Kinside child care service

Searching for reliable, high-quality child care, after-school programs or camps? You have access to Rivian’s child care concierge service, Kinside. They’re here to help match you with services that align with your needs, location and budget.

Support for working families

You can receive additional child care support with Cleo.

Cleo pairs you with a personal guide to help support your parenting journey. Through the app, you can connect 1:1 with certified experts who can help with your unique needs, answer questions and guide you to relevant resources.

LegalShield attorneys can help you with legal matters like adoption, guardianship, surrogacy and other family matters. You can also get help with updating gender markers and names on government-issued documents, and support for setting up a will or allowing hospital visitation—which can be especially important if state law does not recognize your domestic partner’s legal standing.